This page utilizes PHP to parse the form and send the parameters to the Java Applet. It is recommended script to use, if you happen to have PHP installed on your server, otherwise it will not work and you should use index-js.html instead, which uses JavaScript, if you don't want to write your own CGI-BIN script using a language such as Perl or Python. If you can't use either one of the supplied scripts, you can also use the index-plain.html, though it is useful only for testing purposes.

You can (and should) customize this to suit your needs, beginning from removing this note and changing the channel name from #majik to your channel or make an input field for asking it. After you feel like your copy of Jicra is up and running on your website, you may want to submit it to the listing of Jicra's around the world on Jicra's homepage, if your chat room is public and you want to get few extra visitors.


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